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June 2002 Appendix D - The Development of the Occupational Information (O*NET) Analyst Database

O*NET databases from O*NET 98 to O*NET 4.0 were populated using data supplied by occupational analysts. To develop this data, analysts evaluated and refined existing occupational data, then extrapolated these data to the O*NET content model. Originally published as part of the O*NET 98 Data Dictionary, this document describes the process. New data is currently being collected that will gradually replace the existing analyst data. Questionnaires are being used to collect data for 4 O*NET Content Model domains, with analyst ratings being used to update a 5th domain.

September 1997 O*NET Final Technical Report

This report describes the initial operationalization of the O*NET Content Model—to describe occupations in a systematic way and to analyze that data to discover its reliability, its internal structure, its ability to differentiate and to cluster occupations. The research methodology, including sampling data collection procedures and general analytic methods employed, are described. Then, the data analysis results for each O*NET domain are detailed.

September 1995 The Development of Prototype Occupational Information Network (O*NET) Content Model

This report describes the initial effort to provide a framework for describing jobs within the twenty-first century. The report begins by examining the forces which gave rise to the need for a new descriptive system. It provides an overview of the proposed system and a justification for the general types of descriptors employed. It then examines the specific variables included in each part of the descriptive model, drawing from prior research and extant theory, to justify inclusion of these variables in a comprehensive Occupational Information Network (O*NET).