Updating O*NET® Sources of Additional Information Listings: Use of Job Incumbent and Occupational Expert Professional Association Membership


March 2018


Denise E. Craven
North Carolina State University

Phil M. Lewis
National Center for O*NET Development


O*NET OnLine occupation reports contain a section labelled “Sources of Additional Information.” This section provides customers with a list of sources external to the O*NET Program that provide occupationally relevant information, such as related jobs, specialties, and industries. The goal is to provide a means for customers to further explore each occupation.

Professional association information gathered directly from job incumbents and occupational experts (OEs) during the O*NET Data Collection Program will now serve as a key contributor. This additional source considerably increases the quantity and currency of information included within this section of the occupation reports. The purpose of this paper is to describe the association membership information collected via job incumbents and OEs and to detail the procedures for including this valuable input within O*NET OnLine.