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Link to Us

Developers are encouraged to link to O*NET sites from within their own websites and applications. APIs for "deep linking" to individual features are provided below. URLs to features not listed below are subject to change. If you'd like to see additions to the supported APIs, please contact O*NET Customer Service ( with your request.

Home Page

To add a link to the My Next Move home page, use the following URL:

Interest Profiler Short Form

To link to the Interest Profiler Short Form tool available at My Next Move, use the following URL, or visit O*NET Web Services for an Interest Profiler widget you can add to your site.

Career Report

Developers may also link directly to the occupational reports within My Next Move, using the O*NET-SOC code. To link to a career report, use the following URL:<onet-soc code>

Replace <onet-soc code> with the O*NET-SOC code of the desired occupation to obtain a URL linking to My Next Move. For example, to view the report for Computer Programmers:

My Next Move Logos

Developers may download the My Next Move logo for display on their site.