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O*NET® 21.1 Database

The O*NET database contains a rich set of variables that describe work and worker characteristics, including skill requirements. Developers and other customers are encouraged to incorporate the O*NET database within their products, services, and research. This section contains an overview of the most recent database and a variety of database download options, as well as format-specific data dictionaries.

Highlights of the O*NET 21.1 Database

The 21.1 release includes the following:

  • 178 new technology examples related to 85 occupations were added from employer job postings and other sources.
  • Sample of Reported Titles selections for 10 occupations were updated to reflect titles frequently reported by job incumbents.

In the 21.0 database, 116 occupations were updated by job incumbents and occupational experts, bringing the total to 963. show details

  • Addition and update of Task Statement ratings (importance, relevance, and frequency) for 116 occupations
  • Addition and update of Abilities, Skills, Work Activities, Knowledge, and Work Context data for 116 occupations
  • Addition and update of Training and Work Experience and Education data for 116 occupations
  • Addition and update of Work Styles data for 116 occupations
  • Addition and update of Job Zones data for 116 occupations
  • Addition and update of Detailed Work Activities (DWAs) and linkages for 56 occupations
  • Addition and update of Alternate Titles and Sample of Reported Titles for 116 occupations
  • 121 new technologies are added across 134 occupations, including the identification of 17 additional "hot technologies"

Release Cycle and Timetable

The O*NET database is being updated on a regularly scheduled basis (see Data Publication Schedule). These updates occur as a result of the Data Collection Program currently underway. Updated data for the seventeenth subset of occupations is now included with this 21.1 release.

Database History

Listings showing data updates by category or occupation are available on the Occupation Update Summary page. Past releases of the O*NET Database are available on the Database Releases Archive page.