Updating Occupational Ability Profiles with O*NET Content Model Descriptors


January 2011

Retired Tools — Abilities

Matthew T. Allen, Suzanne Tsacoumis, Rodney A. McCloy Human Resources Research Organization


This paper describes the update of the Occupational Ability Profiles (OAPs) used with the O*NET Ability Profiler Career Exploration Tool and scoring program. Procedures used to link O*NET descriptors to abilities measured by the O*NET Ability Profiler are described. Analyses used to determine the most effective way to develop new OAPs using updated O*NET occupational information are presented. The research described was conducted using O*NET 13.0 database. (Note that the OAPs included in the O*NET Ability Profiler Scoring Program (APSP), Version 4, were developed using the O*NET 15.0 database. The APSP will be updated annually, following the release of new versions of the O*NET database.)

Validation results indicate that the new OAPs are appropriate for matching individual scores on the Ability Profiler to occupations found in the O*NET system. Furthermore, comparing the new OAPs to those originally computed suggest that both are measuring similar aspects of an individual's abilities, but are also clearly distinct. The new OAPs enable users to take advantage of the most up-to-date occupational information in their career search, using their abilities to explore the world of work.