Procedures for O*NET Job Zone Assignment: Updated to Include Procedures for Developing Preliminary Job Zones for New O*NET-SOC Occupations


December 2021


David Rivkin
National Center for O*NET Development

Denise E. Craven
North Carolina State University


The Job Zone classification provides O*NET users a guide to the vocational preparation levels (e.g., education, training, and work experience) of O*NET-SOC occupations. Annually, approximately 100 occupations are classified or re-classified within the vocational preparation five-level Job Zone system. With the release of new O*NET-SOC Taxonomies (e.g., 2019 O*NET-SOC Taxonomy) occupations are included that have not yet been in data collection. Using existing O*NET data, as well as well-established data sources outside the O*NET Data Collection Program, analysts can assign Preliminary Job Zones for these new O*NET-SOC occupations. Preliminary Job Zones can give O*NET users an idea of the level of vocational preparation needed for these occupations. Once new occupations have been through data collection, Preliminary Job Zones will be updated using the standard Job Zone assignment procedure.

This paper presents the standard Job Zones assignment procedure originally described in Procedures for O*NET Job Zone Assignment, as well as the Preliminary Job Zone assignment procedure for new O*NET-SOC occupations that have not been in data collection.