Updating Vocational Interests Information for the O*NET Content Model


February 2023 (revised)
December 2022 (original)


James Rounds
University of Illinois

Dan J. Putka

Phil Lewis
National Center for O*NET Development


This paper describes the effort to: (a) update and enhance the RIASEC vocational interest descriptions included in the O*NET Content Model (Holland, 1997), and (b) expand the O*NET Content Model to include basic interest dimensions (Su et al., 2019).

For each of the six RIASEC general occupational interests and the 41 basic occupational interests, written definitions and lists of illustrative work activities and occupations were developed. The enhancement of RIASEC information also included the identification of related keywords for each interest. Lastly, the development effort linked each basic interest to the RIASEC general interests.