O*NET Green Task Development Project


November 2010

Green Research   Tasks and Work Activities

This document describes the process for green task development for the O*NET green occupations. The impact of the green economy resulted in changes to work and worker requirements and the generation of unique work and worker requirements for green enhanced skills and green new and emerging (N&E) occupations. To reflect these changes, it was necessary for the occupations to undergo a green task development process. 138 green enhanced skills and green new and emerging (N&E) occupations were included in green task development. As a result of the process, a total of 1,369 green tasks were identified/developed and are included in the O*NET Green Task File (Appendix A).

All green occupations will have an initial list of green task statements in the O*NET 16.0 database release (June 2011). In addition, a subset of these tasks will have importance, level, and frequency ratings. In the future, other green tasks will be updated with ratings information.