O*NET® Interest Profiler Manual


March 2021


James Rounds
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Kevin Hoff
University of Houston

Phil Lewis
National Center for O*NET Development


The O*NET Interest Profiler is a vocational interest inventory designed for use in educational planning, career exploration, and career guidance. The Interest Profiler was introduced in 1999 as one of the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) O*NET Career Exploration Tools. John Holland’s (1997) RIASEC theoretical model (Realistic-Investigative-Artistic-Social-Enterprising-Conventional) is the basis of the Interest Profiler scales. Over the years, millions of people have taken the Interest Profiler. Its current web-based version included in the My Next Move and Mi Próximo Paso websites, versions incorporated by private and public application developers, and available paper-and-pencil version continue to make it a widely disseminated and extensively used career exploration tool. Use and integration of the Interest Profiler is offered free-of-charge via the O*NET Career Exploration Tools Content License.

The Interest Profiler Technical Manual integrates prior scale developmental reports and summarizes over 20 years of research on the Interest Profiler. The manual is written as chapters. Topics covered include an overview of the Interest Profiler (chapter 1), forms and versions (chapter 2), scoring and reporting (chapter 3), item development (chapter 4), reliability (chapter 5), validity (chapter 6), linkage to occupations (chapter 7), and international applications (chapter 8).