Transitioning O*NET to the Standard Occupational Classification


May 2001


Jonathan Levine, John Nottingham, Bruce Paige, Phil Lewis
National Center for O*NET Development


This report describes the conversion process that O*NET's classification structure underwent to become compliant with the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC). The Office of Management and Budget recently required all federal agencies responsible for collecting occupational information to comply with the SOC structure. This report explains this conversion process and provides examples of the various types of linkages between the SOC occupations and O*NET occupations that constitute the coding system in O*NET 3.1. The report also provides a complete mapping between SOC occupations, O*NET 98 occupational units, and O*NET 3.1 (O*NET-SOC) occupations. The mapping to O*NET-SOC occupations remains unchanged with subsequent database versions.