O*NET Analyst Occupational Skills Ratings: Procedures


March 2010

Abilities and Skills

Suzanne Tsacoumis, Shannon Willison Human Resources Research Organization


The information that populates the O*NET database is collected from three primary sources: incumbents, occupational experts, and occupational analysts. Job Incumbents represent the source for much of the information in the O*NET database, including: occupational tasks, generalized work activities, knowledge, education and training, work styles, and work context areas. Abilities and skills data are produced by occupational analysts.

This paper provides a description of the analyst skills ratings procedure that includes the: skill rating process, development of stimulus material, analyst criteria and training, and rating analysis on the 35 skill constructs. The procedure mirrors those established for collecting ability ratings as described in O*NET Analyst Occupational Abilities Ratings: Procedures (Donsbach, Tsacoumis, Sager, & Updegraff, 2003).