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O*NET® Reports and Documents

Summary of O*NET 4.0 Content Model and Database

Ron Boese, Phil Lewis National Center for O*NET Development

Pam Frugoli U.S. Department of Labor

Karen Litwin Microelectronics Center of North Carolina

October 2001

This report provides an overview of the O*NET 4.0 content model and database. In addition to the overview, two useful tables are provided. Appendix B lists all of the elements in the O*NET Content Model and indicates in which database version — 3.1, 4.0, or 5.1 — where ratings will be available. Appendix C list the elements in O*NET 4.0 for which no data currently exists, but that will exist in O*NET 5.1 and subsequent versions.

Summary only (PDF - 130 KB)
Appendix A (PDF - 78 KB)
Appendix B — Acrobat (PDF - 311 KB)
Appendix B — Excel (XLS - 181 KB)
Appendix C — Excel (XLS - 25 KB)