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June 2015 Related Detailed Work Activity (DWA) Search

The Related Detailed Work Activity (DWA) Search at O*NET OnLine is a career exploration tool for workers looking to transition to a different occupation while leveraging their current experience with specific work activities. The tool allows a customer to select one or more detailed work activities from their current occupation. It then lists occupations which also perform one or more of the same activities. Using OnLine’s extensive report features, customers can explore listed occupations to find out more about the work duties, education requirements, job prospects, and other factors which influence their career decisions.

May 2015 O*NET Analyst Occupational Ratings: Linkage Revisit

This report summarizes work conducted in late 2014 and early 2015 to revisit linkages between the 52 abilities in the O*NET Content Model and a subset of physically-oriented GWA and WC statements. This effort was carried out in response to user feedback indicating that ratings on physical and psychomotor abilities for some occupations seemed to be different than would be expected intuitively. The updated linkage data provide the most current information for use by the analysts. This data will be in effect going forward beginning with the Analysis Cycle 16 data collection effort.

April 2015 Ranking Detailed Work Activities (DWAs) Within O*NET® Occupational Profiles

This report describes the procedure used to rank order detailed work activities (DWAs) for each O*NET-SOC occupation. It also describes the steps taken in the development of the procedure.​

February 2014 O*NET Work Activities Project Technical Report

This report describes the purpose, methodology, and results of the Work Activities Project conducted by the National Center for O*NET Development. The primary objectives of the project included updating the O*NET Database of Detailed Work Activities (DWAs) and enhancing their utility and usability for career exploration and other human resources functions. The report is organized into sections that describe work activities, the methodology used in the development and refinement of the work activities, results and discussion of the project, and the application of revised work activities data, including future developments and enhancements.

March 2003 Summary Report: Updating the Detailed Work Activities

This report describes the development of Detailed Work Activities (DWAs) included in the O*NET system. DWAs provide information on the common work activities required across occupations by coding the work activities to O*NET-SOC occupations. They provide a level of description between O*NET's General Work Activities and more detailed tasks. The DWA development work evolved from the USDOL/ETA Labor Exchange Skills Project as well as user feedback. DWAs have been incorporated into web applications such as America's Career InfoNet external site, O*NET OnLine, and O*NET Code Connector.