Appendix 5. Historical Summary of Database Content Changes

Click a file name to jump to full description and history. Note: U = content changes resulting from the data collection program; N = data elements/types/descriptors first appearing in the database; and C = any other edits made. Shaded cells indicate a file was not present in that release.

O*NET Database Content Changes 22.0 - 24.0
KnowledgeU   U   U
SkillsU   U   U
AbilitiesU   U   U
Education, Training, and ExperienceU   U   U
Education, Training, and Experience Categories         
Job ZonesU   U   U
Job Zone Reference        C
Work Values         
Work StylesU   U   U
Task StatementsU   U   U
Task RatingsU   U   U
Task Categories         
Emerging TasksU   U   U
Technology Skills      NU 
Tools Used      N  
Tools and Technology UUU UUU 
UNSPSC Reference UU      
Work ActivitiesU   U   U
IWA Reference         
DWA Reference        U
Tasks to DWAsU   U   U
Work ContextU   U   U
Work Context Categories         
Occupation Data         
Alternate TitlesUUUUUU UU
Sample of Reported TitlesU UUUUUUU
Career Changers Matrix         
Career Starters Matrix         
Green Occupations         
Green Task StatementsU   U   U
Tasks to Green DWAsU   U   U
Green DWA Reference         
Content Model Reference         
Occupation Level MetadataU   U   U
Level Scale Anchors         
Scales Reference         
Survey Booklet LocationsN,C        

O*NET Database Content Changes 16.0 - 21.3
KnowledgeUUU UU   U   
SkillsUUU UU   U   
AbilitiesUUU UU   U   
Education, Training, and ExperienceUUU UU   U   
Education, Training, and Experience Categories             
Job ZonesUUU UU   U   
Job Zone Reference    C    C   
Interests  U          
Work Values U           
Work StylesUUU UU   U   
Task StatementsU,CUU UU   U   
Task RatingsUUU UU   U   
Task Categories             
Emerging Tasks      N  U   
Tools and Technology      NUUU,NUUU
UNSPSC Reference      NU  UU 
Work ActivitiesUUU UU   U   
IWA Reference   N         
DWA Reference   NU        
Tasks to DWAs   NUU   U   
Work ContextUUU UU   U   
Work Context Categories             
Occupation Data             
Alternate Titles      NUUU UU
Sample of Reported Titles      N  UU U
Career Changers Matrix      N      
Career Starters Matrix      N      
Green OccupationsN            
Green Task StatementsNUU UU   U   
Tasks to Green DWAs   NUU   U   
Green DWA Reference   N         
Content Model Reference    N,CN,C   N,C   
Occupation Level MetadataU,CUU UU   U,N,C   
Level Scale Anchors             
Scales Reference             
Survey Booklet LocationsC   C        

O*NET Database Content Changes 5.0 - 15.1
Education, Training, and ExperienceNNUUUUU,CUUUUUC
Education, Training, and Experience Categories     C       
Job Zone Reference     C    C  
InterestsN     C  UU C
Work ValuesN     C  UU C
Task Statements         U,CUUC
Task Ratings         U,CUUC
Task Categories         C   
Work Context Categories     C       
Occupation Data  U,C CCC   CUC
Content Model Reference     C C N,C   
Occupation Level Metadata NUUUUU,CUUUUUC
Level Scale Anchors NU CC       
Scales Reference C       C   
Survey Booklet LocationsN        N,C