Green Occupations

Purpose:Provide a comprehensive list of all Green occupations.
Structure and Description:
ColumnTypeColumn Content
O*NET-SOC CodeCharacter(10)O*NET-SOC Code (see Occupation Data)
TitleCharacter Varying(150)O*NET-SOC Title (see Occupation Data)
Green Occupational CategoryCharacter Varying(40)Green Occupational Category

This file contains the occupations that have been identified as Green. The Green occupational categories assigned to the occupations are:

  • Green New & Emerging — The impact of green economy activities and technologies is sufficient to create the need for unique work and worker requirements, which results in the generation of new occupations.
  • Green Enhanced Skills — The impact of green economy activities and technologies results in a significant change to the work and worker requirements of an existing O*NET-SOC occupation.
  • Green Increased Demand — The impact of green economy activities and technologies results in an increase in employment demand, but does not entail significant changes in the work and worker requirements of the occupation.

The file is displayed in three tab delimited fields with the columns named O*NET-SOC Code, Title, and Green Occupational Category. The three fields are represented by one row. There are a total of 204 rows of data in this file.

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File Structure Changes:
Release NumberDescription of Change
16.0Added as a new file
17.0 - 24.0No structure changes

Data Example - Green Occupations:
O*NET-SOC CodeTitleGreen Occupational Category
17-3023.03Electrical Engineering TechniciansGreen Enhanced Skills
17-3024.00Electro-Mechanical TechniciansGreen Enhanced Skills
17-3024.01Robotics TechniciansGreen New & Emerging
17-3025.00Environmental Engineering TechniciansGreen Enhanced Skills
17-3026.00Industrial Engineering TechniciansGreen Enhanced Skills