DWA Reference

Purpose:Provide each Detailed Work Activity.
Download: DWA Reference.xlsx
Structure and Description:
ColumnTypeColumn Content
Element IDCharacter Varying(20)Content Model Outline Position (see Content Model Reference)
Element NameCharacter Varying(150)Content Model Element Name (see Content Model Reference)
IWA IDCharacter Varying(20)Identifies each Intermediate Work Activity (see IWA Reference)
IWA TitleCharacter Varying(150)Intermediate Work Activity statement (see IWA Reference)
DWA IDCharacter Varying(20)Identifies each Detailed Work Activity
DWA TitleCharacter Varying(150)Detailed Work Activity statement

This file contains each Detailed Work Activity and its corresponding GWA and IWA identifiers. Each DWA is linked to exactly one IWA, which in turn is linked to exactly one Work Activity from the O*NET Content Model. See Content Model Reference and IWA Reference for information about these higher-level elements. Each DWA is linked to multiple task statements; see Tasks to DWAs for these links.

The file is displayed in six tab delimited fields with the columns named Element ID, Element Name, IWA ID, IWA Title, DWA ID, and DWA Title. The six fields are represented by one row. There are a total of 2,067 rows of data in this file.

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File Structure Changes:
Release NumberDescription of Change
18.1Added as a new file
19.0 - 24.0No structure changes

Data Example - DWA Reference:
Element IDElement NameIWA IDIWA TitleDWA IDDWA Title
4.A.1.a.1Getting Information4.A.1.a.1.I01Study details of artistic productions.4.A.1.a.1.I01.D01Review art or design materials.
4.A.1.a.1Getting Information4.A.1.a.1.I01Study details of artistic productions.4.A.1.a.1.I01.D02Study details of musical compositions.
4.A.2.b.2Thinking Creatively4.A.2.b.2.I14Design industrial systems or equipment.4.A.2.b.2.I14.D06Design control systems for mechanical or other equipment.
4.A.4.b.6Provide Consultation and Advice to Others4.A.4.b.6.I09Advise others on workplace health or safety issues.4.A.4.b.6.I09.D03Advise others on health and safety issues.