O*NET® Transitional Databases

Prior to the transition to the current multi-method data collection methodology featuring Job Incumbent, Occupational Expert, Big Data, and other sources, the O*NET databases from O*NET 98 to O*NET 4.0 were populated using data supplied by occupational analysts. Using earlier occupational taxonomies, analysts evaluated and refined existing Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) data, then extrapolated these data to the O*NET Content Model. See:

Researchers conducting longitudinal data studies are strongly encouraged to use the O*NET 5.0 database as a starting point.

All versions of the O*NET Database are available under a Creative Commons license. See the Database license page for more information.

O*NET 4.0 June 2002

Release of the final 'Analyst Database' with a revised database structure consistent with the OMB-approved Data Collection Program

Data Dictionary: PDF

O*NET 3.1 June 2001

Data Dictionary: PDF

O*NET 3.0 August 2000

Database classification converted to conform to the new Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) standard

Data Dictionary: PDF

O*NET 98 December 1998

Release of the original 'Analyst Database' based on the Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics (OEWS) classification

Data Dictionary: PDF