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O*NET® Graphics

O*NET graphics are available below for developers who:

  • make use of O*NET data in their own applications,
  • link to O*NET websites, or
  • reference the O*NET Content Model or O*NET initiatives in products or publications.
Interest Profiler emoji scale example images

The O*NET Interest Profiler Short Form uses a five-point scale to measure a participant's level of interest in a presented work activity. These scale points, ranging from "Strongly Dislike" to "Strongly Like", may be represented using emoji-style images, as detailed in the report Examining the Efficacy of Emoji Anchors for the O*NET Interest Profiler Short Form. These images may be used to illustrate the scale or as clickable buttons in your own Interest Profiler implementation.

If you reference or implement the Interest Profiler Short Form in your own work, you can identify or illustrate the scale with the graphics provided below. Images are provided in a variety of sizes for print or electronic media.

Interest Profiler Emoji Scale Graphics (ZIP - 630 KB)