Level Scale Anchors

Purpose:Provide descriptions of O*NET Level Scale Anchors.
Table Name:level_scale_anchors
Structure and Description:
ColumnTypeColumn Content
element_idCharacter Varying(20)Content Model Outline Position (see Content Model Reference)
scale_idCharacter Varying(3)Scale ID (see Scales Reference)
anchor_valueDecimal(3,0)Anchor value associated with element
anchor_descriptionCharacter Varying(1000)Detail description of anchor associated with element

This file contains the scale anchors associated with the following four content areas – 1) Abilities, 2) Knowledge, 3) Skills, and 4) Work Activities. It includes all scale anchors utilized in the data collection survey where the scale anchors are variable and item specific. Scale anchors are not included for those survey items where the scale anchors are fixed. This includes the five-point importance scale and the seven-point task frequency scale. (Note: See O*NET Data Questionnaires).

The file is displayed in four tab delimited fields with the columns named Element ID, Scale ID, Anchor Value, and Anchor Description. The four fields are represented by one row. There are a total of 483 rows of data in this file.

File Structure Changes:
Release NumberDescription of Change
5.1Added as a new file
6.0Added Scale ID column
7.0 - 8.0No structure changes
9.0The data for Education, Training, and Experience and Work Context were moved into their own files for data clarity purposes.
10.0 - 26.0No structure changes

Data Example - level_scale_anchors:
1.A.1.a.1LV2Understand a television commercial
1.A.1.a.1LV4Understand a coach's oral instructions for a sport
1.A.1.a.1LV6Understand a lecture on advanced physics
1.A.1.a.2LV2Understand signs on the highway
1.A.1.a.2LV4Understand an apartment lease
1.A.1.a.2LV6Understand an instruction book on repairing Artificial Intelligence systems
1.A.1.a.3LV2Place an order at a restaurant drive-thru
1.A.1.a.3LV4Give instructions to a lost motorist
1.A.1.a.3LV6Explain advanced principles of genetics to college freshmen
1.A.1.a.4LV1Write a note to remind someone to take food out of the freezer
1.A.1.a.4LV4Write a job recommendation for a subordinate