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Purpose:Provide a mapping of O*NET-SOC codes (occupations) to Skill ratings.
Download: text Skills.txt
Structure and Description:
ColumnTypeColumn Content
O*NET-SOC CodeCharacter(10)O*NET-SOC Code (see Occupation Data)
Element IDCharacter Varying(20)Content Model Outline Position (see Content Model Reference)
Element NameCharacter Varying(150)Content Model Element Name (see Content Model Reference)
Scale IDCharacter Varying(3)Scale ID (see Scales Reference)
Data ValueFloat(5,2)Rating associated with the O*NET-SOC occupation

This file contains the Content Model Skill data associated with each O*NET-SOC occupation. It is displayed in 13 tab delimited fields and identified using the column names provided above. Item rating level metadata is provided in columns named N, Standard Error, Lower CI Bound, Upper CI Bound, Recommend Suppress, Not Relevant, Date, and Domain Source. Refer to Appendix 1, Item Rating Level Statistics - Analyst for additional information on these items. The 13 fields are represented by one row. There are a total of 67,620 rows of data in this file.

For more information, see:

File Structure Changes:
Release NumberDescription of Change
5.0Date and Source columns added
5.1Columns added for N, Standard Error, Lower CI Bound, Upper CI Bound, Recommend Suppress, and Not Relevant
6.0 - 22.1No structure changes

Data Example - Skills:
O*NET-SOC CodeElement IDElement NameScale IDData ValueNStandard ErrorLower CI BoundUpper CI BoundRecommend SuppressNot RelevantDateDomain Source
45-1011.082.A.1.aReading ComprehensionIM3.5080.193.133.87Nn/a07/2017Analyst
45-1011.082.A.1.aReading ComprehensionLV3.5080.193.133.87NN07/2017Analyst
45-1011.082.A.1.bActive ListeningIM3.7580.163.434.07Nn/a07/2017Analyst
45-1011.082.A.1.bActive ListeningLV3.5080.193.133.87NN07/2017Analyst

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