Tasks to DWAs

Purpose:Provide a mapping of task statements to Detailed Work Activities.
Download: excel Tasks to DWAs.xlsx
Structure and Description:
ColumnTypeColumn Content
O*NET-SOC CodeCharacter(10)O*NET-SOC Code (see Occupation Data)
TitleCharacter Varying(150)O*NET-SOC Title (see Occupation Data)
Task IDInteger(8)Identifies each task (see Task Statements)
TaskCharacter Varying(1000)Task statement associated with an occupation (see Task Statements)
DWA IDCharacter Varying(20)Identifies each Detailed Work Activity (see DWA Reference)
DWA TitleCharacter Varying(150)Detailed Work Activity statement (see DWA Reference)

This file maps each Detailed Work Activity (DWA) to the task statements, and consequently to the O*NET-SOC occupations, requiring that activity. Each DWA is mapped to multiple task statements, and each referenced task statement is mapped to one or more DWAs.

The file is displayed in 8 tab delimited fields with the columns named O*NET-SOC Code, Title, Task ID, Task, DWA ID, DWA Title, Date, and Domain Source. The 8 fields are represented by one row. There are a total of 22,838 rows of data in this file.

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File Structure Changes:
Release NumberDescription of Change
18.1Added as a new file
19.0 - 21.0No structure changes

Data Example - Tasks to DWAs:
O*NET-SOC CodeTitleTask IDTaskDWA IDDWA TitleDateDomain Source
27-2021.00Athletes and Sports Competitors13033Attend scheduled practice or training sessions.4.A.3.a.1.I16.D03Practice athletic or artistic skills.03/2014Analyst
27-2021.00Athletes and Sports Competitors13034Participate in athletic events or competitive sports, according to established rules and regulations.4.A.3.a.1.I16.D01Participate in athletic events.03/2014Analyst
27-2021.00Athletes and Sports Competitors13035Exercise or practice under the direction of athletic trainers or professional coaches to develop skills, improve physical condition, or prepare for competitions.4.A.3.a.1.I16.D03Practice athletic or artistic skills.03/2014Analyst
27-2021.00Athletes and Sports Competitors13037Maintain optimum physical fitness levels by training regularly, following nutrition plans, or consulting with health professionals.4.A.3.a.1.I16.D03Practice athletic or artistic skills.03/2014Analyst
27-2021.00Athletes and Sports Competitors13038Assess performance following athletic competition, identifying strengths and weaknesses and making adjustments to improve future performance.4.A.2.a.1.I04.D03Evaluate skills of athletes or performers.03/2014Analyst