O*NET Occupation Data Updates

29-1122.01 — Low Vision Therapists, Orientation and Mobility Specialists, and Vision Rehabilitation Therapists

Data Category Last Updated
Abilities 2014 (Analyst)
Alternate Titles 2018 (Multiple sources)
Detailed Work Activities 2014 (Analyst)
Education 2014 (Occupational Expert)
Interests 2009 (Analyst)
Job Zone 2014 (Analyst)
Knowledge 2014 (Occupational Expert)
Sample of Reported Titles 2014 (Occupational Expert)
Skills 2014 (Analyst)
Tasks 2014 (Occupational Expert)
Technology Skills & Tools 2016 (Employer Job Postings)
Work Activities 2014 (Occupational Expert)
Work Context 2014 (Occupational Expert)
Work Styles 2014 (Occupational Expert)
Work Values 2009 (Analyst)