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O*NET® Products at Work

The U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration introduced the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) to the public in 1998. Since that time, its impact on workforce development, career counseling, educational programming and human resource activities has quickly expanded, both in the U.S. and around the world. O*NET Products at Work provides examples of the widespread use of O*NET OnLine, the O*NET database, the Toolkit for Business, and the O*NET Career Exploration Tools.

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Projecting the Impact of Computers on Work in 2030 from The National Research Council Center for Education

At the Workshop on Research Evidence Related to Future Skill Demands, the National Research Council Center for Education presented a paper, Projecting the Impact of Computers on Work in 2030 (Elliott, 2007). This paper describes an approach to projecting new workplace skill demands based on increased use of computers in the decades to come. An analysis of the impact of comp uter technology on future skills used the O*NET database to provide definitions, anchoring tasks for ability levels, and occupational ratings for the set of human abilities that are broadly relevant to work. The 21 results of the analysis suggested that a serious and sustained effort is needed to project and prepare the American workforce for the extensive changes that are likely to occur as computers continue to displace human activity in the workplace.

CareerConnect external site from The American Foundation for the Blind external site

The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) uses O*NET data to help the visually impaired expand their employment possibilities. CareerConnect™ is a free employment planning resource for persons who are blind or visually impaired. Sponsored by the AFB,the program helps these individuals learn about the range and diversity of occupations available in the labor market. It also provides mentors and information about assistive technology that can help them do the work. This practical, user-friendly resource incorporates O*NET data to supply essential information for career exploration and to expand the universe of jobs for persons with visual impairments.

CareerDecisionMaker ® (CDM) external site from E-Career Guidance.Com, Ltd. (ECG) external site

E-Career Guidance.Com, Ltd. (ECG) is an Irish company that provides vocational and career counseling services. They developed an online career exploration tool, the CareerDecisionMaker® (CDM), which assesses a client’s standing on variables from four domains: vocational interests, work values, personality, and skills. The client’s score profile is matched to score profiles for occupations. The occupations having profiles that correspond most closely to the client’s profile are presented as career options that the client might explore. ECG linked the CDM to the O*NET database and its occupations from the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC). Scores from two of the CDM domains link directly to O*NET data for Interests and Work Values. The CDM skills and personality domains, however, differ from the O*NET Skills and Work Styles domains (i.e., they are based on different taxonomies). ECG contracted with Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO) to develop skills and personality profiles for O*NET’s SOC occupations that are commensurate with the CDM skills and personality profiles. In addition, HumRRO devised a profile matching algorithm that permits use of the entire four-domain CDM profile to identify promising career options for ECG’s clients. All project activities (e.g., development of stimulus materials for O*NET analysts, summary of personality ratings provided by O*NET analysts, data analysis, development of the profile-matching algorithm) are documented in a technical report (McCloy, Byrum, Munoz, & Tsacoumis,2006).

Metrix Learning SkillUp external site

Metrix Learning SkillUp is a service designed for the One Stop system that provides job seekers with unlimited access to over 5,000 courses to upgrade their current skills and learn new skills. SkillUp integrates online course delivery with skill assessments, helping clients set job goals using O*NET information and connecting to local job opportunities.

Work Behavior Inventory (WBI) external site from Assessment Associates International external site

Assessment Associates International (formerly Human Resource Consultants) has developed the Work Behavior Inventory (WBI), an assessment to measure Work Styles in employees. Work Styles are important characteristics related to competencies that underlie work performance. The WBI assesses Work Styles as defined in the O*NET system and provides the user with information that can be used to:

  • focus and guide leadership development efforts,
  • pinpoint specific strengths that may help with career advancement,
  • identify areas for training and skill enhancement,
  • identify work environments that may support success for the individual, and
  • help guide career choice and transition decisions.

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