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O*NET® Products at Work

The U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration introduced the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) to the public in 1998. Since that time, its impact on workforce development, career counseling, educational programming and human resource activities has quickly expanded, both in the U.S. and around the world. O*NET Products at Work provides examples of the widespread use of O*NET OnLine, the O*NET database, the Toolkit for Business, and the O*NET Career Exploration Tools.

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Sample Stories:

Campus ToolKit external site from Corvus LLC external site

Campus ToolKit, a product of Corvus LLC, includes a variety of modules to help students on campus assess their personality, manage their time and finances, and develop paths to success. The O*NET database, as well as the Work Importance Profiler and the Computerized Interest Profiler are integrated into modules of the ToolKit. external site from Data Frenzy external site

Data Frenzy’s is a free career portal for job seekers and One Stop Centers. One feature of is the Resume Builder, integrated with O*NET data to provide expertly written text describing occupational responsibilities, duties, and tasks. With one click, job seekers can add any of this text to their resumes, creating a professional, detailed resume in minutes. Resumes are given a score identifying how well the content of the resume fits the selected occupational category. The program provides tips for improving low scores. also provides an O*NET interest assessment which links clients to relevant O*NET occupations.

Metrix Learning SkillUp external site

Metrix Learning SkillUp is a service designed for the One Stop system that provides job seekers with unlimited access to over 5,000 courses to upgrade their current skills and learn new skills. SkillUp integrates online course delivery with skill assessments, helping clients set job goals using O*NET information and connecting to local job opportunities.

CDM Internet external site from CDM Internet external site

CDM Internet is an online tool for individual assessment and career exploration. Targeted at students ages 12 and above, the system may also be used by adults re-entering the world of work or transitioning between jobs. Backed by the O*NET database of occupational information, the tool allows users to explore their abilities, work values, and interests – leading to briefs on hundreds of related occupations, most with accompanying videos.

Career Direct® Complete Guidance System external site from Crown Financial Ministries external site

Career Direct® Complete Guidance System from Crown Financial Ministries has bee O*NET data ever since it became available on CD-ROM. Its use of O*NET information has been integrated more directly with the guidance system since Career Direct went online a few years ago. Career Direct is a self-administered personality, skills, abilities, interests, and work/life values career guidance system. Because many of the system’s users have job titles with a religious element, Career Direct created a crosswalk, translating religious job titles to the closest O*NET occupations. This is similar to using the O*NET Code Connector between Military Occupational Codes and O*NET occupational codes. The system guides the user into exploring O*NET occupations that most closely align with their talents and personal goals.

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