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O*NET® Products at Work

The U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration introduced the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) to the public in 1998. Since that time, its impact on workforce development, career counseling, educational programming and human resource activities has quickly expanded, both in the U.S. and around the world. O*NET Products at Work provides examples of the widespread use of O*NET OnLine, the O*NET database, the Toolkit for Business, and the O*NET Career Exploration Tools.

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Projecting the Impact of Computers on Work in 2030 from The National Research Council Center for Education

At the Workshop on Research Evidence Related to Future Skill Demands, the National Research Council Center for Education presented a paper, Projecting the Impact of Computers on Work in 2030 (Elliott, 2007). This paper describes an approach to projecting new workplace skill demands based on increased use of computers in the decades to come. An analysis of the impact of comp uter technology on future skills used the O*NET database to provide definitions, anchoring tasks for ability levels, and occupational ratings for the set of human abilities that are broadly relevant to work. The 21 results of the analysis suggested that a serious and sustained effort is needed to project and prepare the American workforce for the extensive changes that are likely to occur as computers continue to displace human activity in the workplace.

SkillSoft Courseware external site

SkillSoft Courseware has created a product integrated with the METRIX Learning Platform (a system based on the O*NET database) which provides job seekers an efficient way to seek online learning and training opportunities through One Stop Centers. Job seekers at One Stop Centers can electronically assess their job skills, identify skill gaps, and develop a learning plan related to their occupational goals. The skills needed to perform occupations in the O*NET database have been mapped to more than 5,000 SkillSoft online courses, making it easy for job seekers to identify and minimize skill gaps. Through this innovative system at One Stop Centers, state governments are providing job seekers the technology-based training they need to fill skill gaps and reenter the workforce.

JuvodHR from JuvodHR external site

JuvodHR has developed employee management software based on the O*NET database. The company’s premise is that software should empower employers to make smarter decisions about their employees so they can focus on their core business. In order for that to happen, JuvodHR built a platform to select and organize data from the O*NET database in a format that allows for generating quick, customized, job descriptions, job-based performance reviews, and corrective action notices. This platform connects a performance review directly to the job description. The software walks the user through the performance appraisal process without the need for an HR professional. A score is delivered at the completion of each performance review along with a ranking of employees by job type, allowing comparisons across the same or different jobs. This is a bonus that is only possible due to O*NET data as the basis for building the original job descriptions and providing the valid framework of consistency.

Using O*NET in Your Work as Career Advisors. external site from The Maryland Career Development Association external site

The Maryland Career Development Association offers an online course titled, Using O*NET in Your Work as Career Advisors. The course is self-paced and instructs users on the most important components of O*NET OnLine information for their work with clients. The course covers topics such as Using the O*NET Descriptor Search, Finding Tools and Technology Used in Occupations, Helping Military Transition to the Civilian World of Work Using Crosswalk, and Help People Make a Career Transition Using Their Skills. Professional development credit is awarded for completion of the course.

CareerOneStop external site from U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration external site

CareerOneStop, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration, offers job seekers, students, businesses, and workforce professionals the most comprehensive set of career resources and workforce information on the Web. O*NET products are integrated throughout the site, including the O*NET database, O*NET Career Exploration Tools, and O*NET Tools and Technology (T2).

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