Using O*NET Data and Metadata

Metadata is provided in the O*NET database to provide users with information that will help evaluate the quality and valid use of the data. The needs of individual users of the O*NET database will determine which metadata items are utilized.

It’s assumed that the needs of many users will be met by using O*NET data along with the O*NET metadata that provides the recommended flags for Not Relevant or Recommend Suppress. Those interested in a more detailed study or use of the database can choose to utilize any or all of the provided metadata items. Metadata is provided at both the item level and at the occupation level.

For more information, see the Appendices:

In the Structure and Description section documenting each file, cells that are shaded or contain bold text denote O*NET metadata versus O*NET data. Bold text highlights the Not Relevant and Recommend Success flags recommended for typical use of O*NET data.

The content of the O*NET 24.0 Database is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. See the Database license page for more information.