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O*NET® Work Importance Locator™ and Work Importance Profiler™

The O*NET Work Importance Locator (WIL) and O*NET Work Importance Profiler (WIP) are self-assessment career exploration tools that allow customers to pinpoint what is important to them in a job. They help people identify occupations that they may find satisfying based on the similarity between their work values (such as achievement, autonomy, and conditions of work) and the characteristics of the occupations.

The O*NET Work Importance Locator and Profiler measure six types of work values:

  • Achievement
  • Independence
  • Recognition
  • Relationships
  • Support
  • Working Conditions
  • Based on over 30 years of research by leading vocational psychologists
  • Extensive and thorough development effort
    • stakeholder input during all stages
    • construct validity and reliability evidence
  • Extensively pilot tested
  • Can be self-administered and self-interpreted
  • User Guide provided for workforce development professionals
  • Can be used on a stand-alone basis or with other O*NET Career Exploration Tools or with privately developed instruments
  • Results link directly to over 800 occupations in O*NET OnLine
  • Approximately 30 minute completion time

Creative Commons licensed The O*NET Work Importance Locator and Profiler may be redistributed or used within other assessments under a choice of licenses. See the Career Exploration Tools License page for more information.