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O*NET® Ability Profiler™

The O*NET Ability Profiler (AP) is a career exploration tool that helps clients plan their work lives. The O*NET Ability Profiler uses a paper and pencil format with optional apparatus parts and computerized scoring. Individuals can use O*NET Ability Profiler results to:

  • Identify their strengths and areas for which they might want to receive more training and education
  • Identify occupations that fit their strengths
Overview Administration Scoring Training

To administer the O*NET Ability Profiler, you will need both the O*NET Ability Profiler Instrument Materials and the O*NET Ability Profiler Administration Materials. You can download these materials as PDF files, or order printed copies from the Government Printing Office. Ordering information for the Instrument and Administration Materials, along with the Dexterity Boards needed for Parts 8 through 11, follows below.

  • The Instrument Materials include all of the items needed by the participants/examinees to complete Parts 1 through 7 of the O*NET Ability Profiler. Scannable answer sheets are not downloadable, but must be ordered. Non-scannable answer sheets, suitable for use with the Ability Profiler Data Entry Program, are available for download. For more information about the Ability Profiler Data Entry Program, see the Scoring section.

  • The Administration Materials include the components that the assessment administrator will need to administer the O*NET Ability Profiler.

Download PDF Files

For a more detailed description of the available files and their contents, please see Ability Profiler File Descriptions (PDF - 82 KB).

Creative Commons licensed The O*NET Ability Profiler may be redistributed or used to develop other assessments under a choice of licenses. See the Career Exploration Tools License page for more information.

for individual viewing and printing
Print Shop
for professional reproduction

Instrument Materials:
Ability Profiler Instrument (PDF - 531 KB) - Note: This format should be used only for viewing or demonstrating the Ability Profiler instrument, not when it is administered as a client assessment.
Ability Profiler Instrument (Cover) (PDF - 162 KB)
Using Your O*NET Ability Profiler Results (PDF - 32 KB)
Answer Sheet for Manual Data Entry (PDF - 309 KB)
Part 7 Mark Making Answer Sheet (PDF - 30 KB)

Administration Materials:
Administration Manual (PDF - 1.4 MB)
User's Guide (PDF - 896 KB)
Record of Apparatus Scores (PDF - 18 KB)
Three-Dimensional Space Cutouts (PDF - 13 KB)

Or download all files at once:
All Ability Profiler Desktop materials (ZIP - 4.8 MB)

Instrument Materials:
Ability Profiler Instrument (ZIP - 1.4 MB)
Using Your O*NET Ability Profiler Results (ZIP - 22 KB)
Part 7 Mark Making Answer Sheet (ZIP - 24 KB)

Administration Materials:
Administration Manual (ZIP - 1.3 MB)
User's Guide (ZIP - 1.5 MB)
Record of Apparatus Scores (ZIP - 16 KB)
Three-Dimensional Space Cutouts (ZIP - 11 KB)

Or download all files at once:
All Ability Profiler Print Shop materials (ZIP - 5.3 MB)

Ordering Information

To order these items online from the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) external site, simply click on the links below. Orders may also be placed by telephone (202/512-1800), fax (202/512-2250), at any GPO Bookstore, or by mail at: Superintendent of Documents, P.O. Box 371954, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7954. Note that prices include shipping.

Instrument Materials

  1. O*NET Ability Profiler: Instrument - Booklet (out of stock)
    This is a new work related ability assessment. Participants receive a profile of their occupational abilities that provides valuable knowledge about their strengths and weaknesses. The tool helps foster career awareness by linking the client to the world of work via the 800+ occupations within the O*NET system. One reusable Instrument-booklet is needed for each participant.

  2. Ability Profiler Answer Sheets / Using Your O*NET Ability Profiler Results (out of stock)
    Scannable answer sheets are used by individuals taking the Ability Profiler to record their responses to Parts 1-6. Optical scanning equipment and software are required for electronic scoring. Alternatively, the Ability Profiler Data Entry Program may be used for hand-scoring these answer sheets.

    Using Your O*NET Ability Profiler Results is a handout that must be provided to each individual taking the assessment. It provides an explanation of how results should be used.

    Pearson Print Services is an alternate supplier for answer sheets. For information contact:

    Pearson Print Services
    Telephone: 1-800-533-0518, ext. 4186

    Note: Please use Item #105668-3 when ordering answer sheets from Pearson Print Services.

  3. Part 7 Mark Making Answer Sheet (out of stock)
    This answer sheet is used for recording responses to Part 7 of the Ability Profiler. It can also be used for recording results obtained from Parts 8-11 of the Ability Profiler.

Administration Materials

  1. Administration Manual (out of stock)
    This "how to" manual is needed by everyone who administers the O*NET Ability Profiler. It presents standard administration procedures as well as the basic guidelines for administering and scoring the Ability Profiler. It includes practical tools, checklists, and other information designed to make administration easier.

  2. User's Guide (out of stock)
    This guide was developed for programs (e.g., schools, employment service offices, career information delivery systems, out-placement programs) that will incorporate the Ability Profiler into their career exploration services. It provides an overview for the administration and scoring of the Ability Profiler, as well as the development of the instrument.

  3. Record of Apparatus Scores (out of stock)
    This document is used to record scores from Parts 8-11 of the Ability Profiler.

  4. Three-Dimensional Space Cutouts external site
    $4.75 (1 set of 5 shapes each)
    These five cutout models are used when demonstrating instructions for Part 3 of the Ability Profiler.

Dexterity Boards

To order the optional Manual Dexterity Pegboards and Finger Dexterity Boards needed to administer Parts 8 through 11, contact:

Nelson Education Ltd., Canada
Telephone: 1-800-268-2222 (toll free)
Fax: 1-800-430-4445
Online: external site

These materials may also be available from local employment service offices or state workforce development agencies. If state or local offices have an excess inventory of boards that they would like to make available, please send contact information for posting on this web page to O*NET Customer Service (

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