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O*NET® Toolkit for Business

The O*NET Toolkit for Business provides a wealth of background information on the features of O*NET. It details O*NET's many uses for human resource professionals and employers including:

  • Job Descriptions
  • Human Resource Planning
  • Organizational Structure and Design
  • Job Design and Job Reengineering
  • Organizational Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Career Development
  • Workforce Development

The Toolkit Includes:

Employers' Quick Reference Guide to O*NET

A brief overview of the features of O*NET, giving basic information on O*NET and how it serves as a resource to assist businesses with everyday needs, complete with brief instruction on how to get started.

OnLine Guided Tour

A guided tour of the features and capabilities of O*NET OnLine, demonstrating the breadth and depth of the information available. This guided tour demonstrates how users can navigate through O*NET OnLine and provides real world examples of occupational and skills searches, or specific details of one or more occupations. This tool also describes O*NET OnLine's many resources on accommodations, disabilities, and workplace issues.

O*NET at Work

Two case studies provide an overview of how O*NET can be used in specific human resources and management functions. The case studies — Writing Job Descriptions and HR Planning, Employee Reskilling and Retention — provide step-by-step, detailed descriptions to demonstrate O*NET's use in specific business processes.

The Job Description Writer external site is an online tool that uses O*NET data to help employers and human resource specialists write job descriptions. Users begin by selecting an occupation and are prompted to include statements about common skills, knowledge, tasks, work activities and work context to include in a job description. Users have the option to customize and save their final job description to their own computer.

The O*NET Content Model

Provides both graphic and written descriptions of the conceptual framework that underlies the O*NET database.

O*NET Questionnaires

The O*NET Questionnaires are the generic forms of the questionnaires used in the O*NET Data Collection Program. These questionnnaires are a useful complement to the Toolkit, for better understanding the O*NET database. Visit the O*NET Questionnaires page for more information.

View and Download Toolkit

The packages below include all components of the O*NET Toolkit for Business, including an Introduction and Table of Contents.

O*NET Toolkit for Business

O*NET Toolkit for Business
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