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Tools & Technology Feedback Process

19-1022.00 — Microbiologists

The current Tools and Technology examples for this occupation are listed below. Please add your suggested examples to the appropriate category. When you are finished, click the Send Feedback button at the bottom of this page.


Air samplers or collectors
  • Bioaerosol impactors
  • Dichotomous particulate matter samplers
  • Liquid impingers
  • Multistage agar impactors
Anaerobic chamber
  • Anaerobic growth chambers
Analytical balances
Automated cover slipping equipment
  • Automatic coverslipper
Automated microscope stages
  • Micromanipulators
Benchtop centrifuges
  • Desktop centrifuges
  • High-speed centrifuges
Binocular light compound microscopes
  • Bright field light microscopes
  • Compound binocular light microscopes
Blotting or transfer apparatus
  • Gel transfer apparatus
  • Semidry blotting apparatus
  • Microcalorimeters
Circulating baths
  • Fecal coliform water baths
Conductivity meters
  • Bubble counters
Cryogenic or liquid nitrogen freezers
  • Liquid nitrogen storage equipment
Culture tubes
Darkfield microscopes
  • Phase contrast microscopes
Decontamination shower
  • Chemical safety showers
Deoxyribonucleic sequence analyzers
  • Deoxyribonucleic acid DNA sequencers
Desktop computers
Developing tanks
  • Darkroom developing tanks
Digital cameras
  • Charge coupled device CCD color digital cameras
Dissolved oxygen meters
Dropping pipettes
  • Micropipettes
Dry baths or heating blocks
  • Dry bath incubators
  • Heat blocks
Dry heat or hot air sterilizers
  • Bacticinerators
Dry wall single chamber carbon dioxide incubators
  • Direct heat dry wall carbon dioxide CO2 incubators
Drying cabinets or ovens
  • Drying ovens
Electronic counters
  • Colony counters
Electronic encyclopedias
  • Hardy Diagnostics HUGO
Electronic multichannel pipetters
  • 8-channel electronic pipettes
Electronic toploading balances
Electroporation cuvettes
  • Electroporators
Eyewashers or eye wash stations
  • Eyewash fountains
Fire extinguishers
Fluorescent microscopes
Forced air or mechanical convection general purpose incubators
  • Bacteriological incubators
Freeze dryers or lyopholizers
  • Freeze dryers
French pressure cells
  • French presses
Gas burners
  • Laboratory gas burners
Gas chromatographs
  • Gas chromatographs GC
Gas generators
  • Gas-powered generators
Gel boxes
  • Gel electrophoresis boxes
  • Gel support frames
Gel documentation systems
General purpose refrigerators or refrigerator freezers
  • Laboratory refrigerators
General purpose trays
  • Multiwell trays
HEPA filtered enclosures
  • HEPA filtered biosafety cabinets
High pressure liquid chromatograph chromatography
  • High pressure liquid chromatographs HPLC
  • Tissue homogenizers
Hybridization ovens or incubators
  • Hybridization ovens
Impedance meters
Infra red or ultra violet absorption analyzers
  • Infrared gas analyzers
Infrared spectrometers
  • Fourier transform infrared FTIR spectrometers
  • Infrared IR spectrometers
  • Mid-infrared spectrometers
Inverted microscopes
Laboratory adapters or connectors or fittings
  • Erlenmeyer flask clamps
Laboratory balances
  • Micro balances
  • Precision pan balances
Laboratory beakers
Laboratory flasks
  • Erlenmeyer flasks
Laboratory funnels
Laboratory graduated cylinders
  • Graduated glass laboratory cylinders
Laboratory heat exchange condensers
  • Laboratory heat exchange condensing devices
Laboratory hotplates
  • Heating stirplates
Laboratory incubator thermometers
  • Recording thermometers
Laboratory membrane filters
  • Laboratory membrane filtering devices
  • Membrane filtration systems
Laboratory mixers
  • Rotator mixers
  • Serology rotators
Laboratory staining dishes or jars
  • Coplin jars
  • Staining dishes
Laboratory vacuum pumps
Laboratory washing machines
  • Laboratory glassware washers
Laminar flow cabinets or stations
  • Laminar flow cabinets
Laser printers
  • Argon lasers
  • Helium-neon lasers
Liquid chromatographs
  • Liquid chromatograph devices
Magnetic stirrers
  • Magnetic laboratory stirrers
Manual or electronic hematology differential cell counters
  • Automatic cell sorters
Mass spectrometers
Microbiology analyzers
  • Automated microbial identification systems
  • Flow cytometers
  • Fluorescence activated cell sorters
Microbiology fermentation equipment
  • Bioreactors
Microbiology inoculation loops or needles
  • Inoculating loops
Microbiology slide stainers
  • Automated gram stainers
Microplate readers
  • Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay ELISA plate readers
  • Multiplate readers
Microscope objectives
  • Oil-immersion microscope lenses
Microscope slides
Multipurpose or general test tubes
  • Laboratory test tubes
Notebook computers
Orbital shaking water baths
Peristaltic pumps
Personal computers
Petri plates or dishes
  • Petri dishes
  • Sectioned petri plates
pH meters
Photo attachments for microscopes
  • Photomicroscopes
Pipette pumps
Pipetter inserts or accessories
  • Rechargeable electronic pipette fillers
Protective coats
  • Protective laboratory coats
Protective gloves
Refrigerated baths
  • Refrigerated recirculating water baths
Refrigerated benchtop centrifuges
Robotic or automated liquid handling systems
  • Automatic pipetters
Rotating shakers
  • Floor shakers
Safety glasses
Safety hoods
  • Biological safety hoods
Safety shoes
Scanning electron microscopes
  • Scanning electron microscopes SEM
Shaking incubators
  • Orbital shaking incubators
Specialty plates for bacteria
  • Prepared agar plates
Specimen collection container
  • Water sample collection containers
  • Raman spectrometers
  • Visible spectrometers
  • Visible/UV light scanning spectrophotometers
Spirit burners
  • Alcohol lamps
Steam autoclaves or sterilizers
  • Autoclaves
  • Electronic sterilizers
  • Steroclaves
Stereo or dissecting light microscopes
  • Dissecting microscopes
Temperature cycling chambers or thermal cyclers
  • Thermocyclers
Test tube racks
Tissue culture flasks
  • Culture bottles
Transmission electron microscopes
  • Transmission electron microscopes TEM
Ultra cold or ultralow upright cabinets or freezers
  • Ultra cold biological freezers
Ultra pure water systems
  • Deionized DI water systems
  • Water purification systems
Ultrasonic disintegrators
  • Sonicators
Ultraviolet UV lamps
Vortex mixers
X ray diffraction equipment
  • X ray diffractometers


Analytical or scientific software
  • Assistant Software for Antimicrobial Susceptibility Interpretation ASASI
  • Basic Local Alignment Search Tool BLAST
  • BD Biosciences CellQuest
  • BD Biosciences CloneCyt
  • Bruker Optics OPUS
  • BtB Software Mycobacteriology Lab
  • Codon Usage Database
  • Computing Solutions LabSoft LIMS Micro
  • DM2 Bills of Lading
  • FindTarget
  • FramePlot
  • Gene Finder
  • Gene recognition software
  • Genie Interactive
  • Image capture and analysis software
  • Laboratory information management system LIMS
  • NetLims AutoLims
  • Pathogen Modeling Program PMP
  • PIBWin
  • PredictProtein
  • Proscan
  • Protein databases
  • Protein Explorer
  • ProtScale
  • Statistical software
  • TreeView
  • Verity Software House ModFit LT
Data base user interface and query software
  • Database management software
Electronic mail software
  • Email software
Enterprise resource planning ERP software
  • SAP
Information retrieval or search software
  • ComBase
Internet browser software
  • Web browser software
Medical software
  • Computer Service & Support CLS-2000 Laboratory System
  • Orchard Software Orchard Harvest LIS
Presentation software
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
Spreadsheet software
  • Microsoft Excel
Word processing software
  • Microsoft Word

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