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Tools & Technology Feedback Process

25-2053.00 — Special Education Teachers, Middle School

The current Tools and Technology examples for this occupation are listed below. Please add your suggested examples to the appropriate category. When you are finished, click the Send Feedback button at the bottom of this page.


Adaptive communication switches for the physically challenged
  • Jellybean switches
  • Sound switches
Assistive listening devices
  • Assistive amplification systems
Binocular light compound microscopes
  • Optical compound microscopes
Braille devices for the physically challenged
  • Braille slates
  • Braille styluses
Cassette players or recorders
  • Audio tape recorders or players
Childrens science kits
  • Science activity kits
  • Pencil compasses
Computer mouse or trackballs
  • Eye controlled computer mouse equipment
  • Foot operated mouse equipment
  • Trackballs
Desktop calculator
  • Talking calculators
Desktop computers
Digital camcorders or video cameras
  • Digital video cameras
Document camera
  • Document cameras
Emergency medical services first aid kits
  • Emergency first aid kits
Enteral feeding administration sets
  • Enteral feeding equipment
Game pads or joy sticks
  • Head operated joysticks
  • Mouth operated joysticks
Gas burners
  • Bunsen burners
  • Safety goggles
Hand held camcorders or video cameras
  • Video camcorders
  • Alternative computer keyboards
Laboratory beakers
  • Glass beakers
Laboratory hotplates
  • Laboratory heating plates
Laboratory scalpels
  • Dissection scalpels
  • Laminating equipment
Laser printers
  • Computer laser printers
Letter or symbol boards for the physically challenged
  • Communication boards
Medical gas cylinders or related devices
  • Portable oxygen equipment
Medical suction cannulas or tubes or accessories
  • Oral suction tubes
Notebook computers
  • Laptop computers
Page turners for the physically challenged
  • Page turners
Personal computers
  • Photocopying equipment
Protective gloves
  • Safety gloves
  • Reading pens
Tablet computers
Telecommunication devices TDD or teletypewriters TTY for the physically challenged
  • Teletypewriters TTY
  • Television monitors
Touch screen monitors
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Wireless touch screen monitors
Video cassette players or recorders
  • Video cassette recorders VCR
Visual presenters
  • Video magnifiers
Voice synthesizers for the physically challenged
  • Portable communication devices
Writing aids for the physically challenged
  • Word prediction software


Computer based training software
  • Text to speech software
Device drivers or system software
  • Screen magnification software
  • Screen reader software
Electronic mail software
  • Email software
Internet browser software
  • Web browser software
Office suite software
  • Microsoft Office
Presentation software
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
Project management software
  • Microsoft SharePoint
Spell checkers
  • Hand held spell checkers
Spreadsheet software
  • Microsoft Excel
Video creation and editing software
  • Video editing software
Voice recognition software
  • Voice activated software
Word processing software
  • Microsoft Word

Additional Examples

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