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Frequently Asked Questions

What reasonable accommodations can be made for examinees with special needs?

Some alterations, adjustments, or changes in the administration procedures can be made. However, the accommodation must not affect the measurement of the abilities the instrument was designed to measure. Time limits can be increased for the power tests (Parts 1 - Arithmetic Reasoning, 2 - Vocabulary, and 3 - Three-Dimensional Space), but not for the speeded tests. Print sizes for questions in Parts 1, 2, 3, and 5 (power tests and Name Comparison) may be increased. Examinees having difficulty understanding directions could be encouraged to ask questions related to the directions. Reasonable accommodations can appear in many different forms. Accommodations can be made so that the assessment is measuring the job-related abilities, not the disability, such as providing assistance with the answer sheet or steadying/locking down a wheelchair. A good reference resource, Pre-Employment Testing and the ADA, is available from the website of the Association for Assessment in Counseling external site.


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