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O*NET® OnLine

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O*NET OnLine is a web-based application that provides user-friendly access to occupational information contained in the O*NET database. O*NET OnLine offers users the opportunity to:

  • find occupations to explore;
  • search for occupations that use their skills;
  • look at related occupations;
  • view occupational summaries of the worker and requirements of the work;
  • view details of occupations, such as skills, knowledge, interests, and activities;
  • use crosswalks from other classification systems to find corresponding O*NET occupations; and
  • connect to other on-line career information resources.

Key Features

  • Search Functions
    • Find Occupations — Quick Search using keywords or O*NET-SOC codes; or Browse groups of similar occupations, such as Job Families, O*NET Descriptors, and Career Clusters.
    • Advanced Search to explore occupations with skills sets similar to yours; or use machines, equipment, tools, or software to find high demand occupations.
    • Crosswalk Search locates O*NET-SOC occupations using any of several different occupational classifications systems [Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP), Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT), Military Occupational Classification (MOC), Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH), Registered Apprenticeship Partners Information Data System (RAPIDS), and Standard Occupational Classification (SOC)].
  • Reports
    • Summary and Details reports provide quick and easy prepared reports for all occupations.
    • Custom reports enable you to select for viewing and printing only those worker characteristics and occupational requirements of interest.
    • Reports directly link to corresponding wages and employment outlook found in CareerOneStop.
    • "Save" occupational information for easy use in word processing, spreadsheet or database programs.
  • Ease of use
    • An intuitive screen interface and comprehensive contextual help make the application easy to use without training and support.
  • Support for application developers
    • Published application program interfaces (API's) are available to connect vendor systems to O*NET OnLine at the occupational and desired report level.
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Desk Aid

This convenient, two-page desk aid provides a ready and useful overview of the key search features and content available in O*NET OnLine.

O*NET OnLine Desk Aid (PDF - 589 KB)

The Department of Labor is committed to making O*NET OnLine accessible to everyone, including persons with disabilities. Screen reader compatibility is built in and the application enables users to adjust font size on-screen without linking to another site (this replaces the low vision version provided in an earlier release). O*NET OnLine provides links to resources with information about accommodations, disabilities, and workplace issues. The application meets the accessibility tests of the Center for Applied Special Technology and of Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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