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O*NET® Code Connector

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Developed by the U.S. Department of Labor and designed specifically to assist workforce professionals code jobs, the O*NET Code Connector uses the O*NET database to best determine the correct occupational code when classifying job seekers or job orders.

O*NET Code Connector makes it easy to match job orders to an occupation in the O*NET-SOC system. Using a powerful keyword search and a concise, "at-a-glance" overview of occupations, this web application makes interactive job coding fast and simple.

Code Connector screen shot

To access an occupation, you may type in a keyword or select on occupational group from the start page. You will be able to refine your search to select a specific occupation.

The final report contains the O*NET-SOC description, a list of O*NET-SOC Tasks, information on Related Occupations (developed by O*NET), Occupation Family (other similar O*NET codes) and Detailed Work Activities. These pieces of information have been assembled to help you determine if the selected occupation code is the best match for your job order.

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