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Supplemental Database Files

O*NET Supplemental Files

O*NET supplemental data is included with the O*NET 20.1 database and later. Please visit our production database page to download individual files or full archives of the following data:

Spanish translations of the O*NET taxonomy and selected data files are available from our Spanish Language Resources page:


Crosswalks are provided by the National Crosswalk Service Center external site (NCSC), a technical resource for dealing with occupational and training program classification systems. The NCSC is funded by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration (ETA) external site through the Analyst Resource Center (ARC) external site. The center's mission is to maximize the effective and efficient use of occupational information by providing specialized occupational tools (files, reports, software) and technical assistance to users and producers of occupational information.

In addition to the crosswalks listed below, the NCSC maintains alternate file formats (Microsoft Access, SAS/PC) for most O*NET Center downloads. For more information on these files, visit their O*NET 21.0 external site, Supplemental Files external site, and O*NET Database Directory external site pages. If you have questions about the NCSC or its products and services, you can contact them at

The crosswalk files below include:

  • Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP)
  • Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT)
  • Military Occupational Classification (MOC)
  • Registered Apprenticeship Partners Information Data System (RAPIDS)

Note: Within O*NET OnLine and My Next Move for Veterans, the military search is based on data from the MOC crosswalk by the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) external site, and supplemented with data from Army COOL external site, Navy COOL external site, Marine Corps COOL external site, and Air Force COOL external site projects and from an additional enhanced analysis external site for key military occupations, which was commissioned by the U.S. Department of Labor working in collaboration with the Department of Defense, per the specifications of Section 222 of the VOW to Hire Heroes Act. The enhanced analysis file and development report is available from NCSC Military Resources external site. Download the supplemental data from COOL sites (XLSX).

All crosswalks — MS Access (ZIP - 1.54 MB)
All crosswalks — SAS/PC (ZIP - 1.42 MB)
Read Me file (TXT - 1.0 KB)

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