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Production Database — O*NET® 20.0

The O*NET database contains several hundred variables that represent descriptors of work and worker characteristics, including skill requirements. It is provided here to enable product developers to incorporate the O*NET database into their products. This section contains the database, the data dictionary, technical documentation, and other information to support such product development.

Overview Download

Highlights of the O*NET 20.0 Database

102 occupations were updated by job incumbents and occupational experts, bringing the total to 953, in this sixteenth major update from the O*NET Data Collection Program. Highlights of this update include:

  • Addition and update of Task Statement ratings (importance, relevance, and frequency) for 102 occupations
  • Addition and update of Abilities, Skills, Work Activities, Knowledge, and Work Context data for 102 occupations
  • Addition and update of Training and Work Experience and Education data for 102 occupations
  • Addition and update of Work Styles data for 102 occupations
  • Addition and update of Job Zones data for 102 occupations
  • Addition and update of Detailed Work Activities (DWAs) and linkages for 56 occupations

Release Cycle and Timetable

The O*NET database is being updated on a regularly scheduled basis (see Data Publication Schedule). These updates occur as a result of the Data Collection Program currently underway. Updated data for the sixteenth subset of occupations is now included with this 20.0 release. A seventeenth subset of occupations will be updated as a part of the next major database release, expected in July 2016.

Update Summary 5.0 - 20.0

New or updated O*NET items O*NET-SOC 2010 Total
(974 data-level occupations)
Updated by Job Incumbents or Occupational Experts
Typically includes:
  • Addition and/or update of Task Statement ratings (importance, relevance, and frequency), Work Context, Work Styles, Training and Work Experience, and Education data
  • Updated Abilities, Work Activities, Knowledge, Skills, and Work Context data
  • Updated Job Zones data
Updated Task Statements, Interests, and Work Values data 974
Updated Detailed Work Activities (DWAs) 974
Supplemental files  
Updated with Emerging Tasks 301
Addition of Tools and Technology 973

The Emerging Tasks and Tools and Technology files are distributed separately from the core O*NET database. You can download them from the Supplemental Files page.

For more details about each of the updates, refer to the database summary document provided below.

O*NET Database Update Summary (PDF - 739 KB)