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O*NET® Products at Work

The U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration introduced the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) to the public in 1998. Since that time, its impact on workforce development, career counseling, educational programming and human resource activities has quickly expanded, both in the U.S. and around the world. O*NET Products at Work provides examples of the widespread use of O*NET OnLine, the O*NET database, the Toolkit for Business, and the O*NET Career Exploration Tools.

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Sample Stories: external site from Data Frenzy external site

Data Frenzy’s is a free career portal for job seekers and One Stop Centers. One feature of is the Resume Builder, integrated with O*NET data to provide expertly written text describing occupational responsibilities, duties, and tasks. With one click, job seekers can add any of this text to their resumes, creating a professional, detailed resume in minutes. Resumes are given a score identifying how well the content of the resume fits the selected occupational category. The program provides tips for improving low scores. also provides an O*NET interest assessment which links clients to relevant O*NET occupations.

One-Stop Career Center from Northwest Wisconsin Concentrated Employment Program , Inc. external site

Northwest Wisconsin Concentrated Employment Program, Inc. is a private non-profit agency that provides One-Stop Career Center services focused on the needs of businesses. It also serves job seekers and youth in 10 counties. The agency uses O*NET resources in multiple ways to help these diverse clients. To help businesses, O*NET information is often used as a starting point for customizing employer profiles and preparing job descriptions. O*NET data may also be used when employers seek their help with other human resources needs, such as succession plans and out-placement activities during downsizing or reorganizations.

The Oklahoma Employment Services Commission external site

The Oklahoma Employment Services Commission presents O*NET overviews to business councils and at job fairs and incorporates O*NET OnLine into Job Skills Workshops. Employers are shown how to use the Oklahoma Job Link system to code their job openings with a standard O*NET-SOC code. During the Job Skills Workshops, job seekers explore the skills data in O*NET OnLine and learn how to use O*NET Details Reports to help them build resumes. external site from Workforce Solutions Alamo and the Alamo Colleges external site

In Texas, Workforce Solutions Alamo and the Alamo Community Colleges use My Next Move and My Next Move for Veterans in their virtual career and placement center, Visitors navigate the center from virtual room to room, accessing career exploration, job search, and educational resources to guide them in their choice of job or career. The virtual Career Assessment Lab features My Next Move as a career exploration resource. In the Veterans Services Room, users may access My Next Move for Veterans to guide them in their transition to the civilian workforce.

OptimalResume ™ external site

OptimalResume™ provides colleges and universities with a customizable, comprehensive, Web-based application for students to create, present, and manage resumes. OptimalResume has integrated portions of the O*NET database into their online application. Students can reference O*NET information to create targeted resumes for specific employers and occupations. The Web application makes it easy to search careers by job family, high growth industry, or STEM discipline and view key occupational information, such as required tasks, knowledges, skills, abilities, and work activities.

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