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O*NET® Computerized Interest ProfilerTM

The O*NET Computerized Interest Profiler (CIP) is a vocational interest assessment instrument administered by computer. Users receive an accurate, reliable profile of their vocational interests that:

  1. provides valuable self-knowledge about their vocational interests,
  2. fosters career awareness, and
  3. provides a window to the entire world of work via the 800+ occupations within O*NET OnLine.
Overview Features Software

The files for the Computerized Interest Profiler software and CIP User's Guide are provided below to enable users to download and use the O*NET Computerized Interest Profiler software. For questions regarding installation, refer to the installation instructions contained in the O*NET Computerized Interest Profiler User's Guide. (As a convenience, the Work Importance Profiler (WIP) software and demonstration versions for a quick view are also included as a part of this download.)

Note: the Computerized Interest Profiler requires a 4:3 screen resolution, such as 800x600 or 1024x768. Widescreen resolutions are not compatible with the software.

CIP — Software (ZIP - 7.3 MB)
CIP — User's Guide (PDF - 2.4 MB)