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My Next Move for Veterans

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My Next Move for Veterans is a web-based interactive tool for U.S. veterans to learn more about their career options. Users can:

  • Explore over 900 different careers and see important information including skills, tasks, salaries, and employment outlook on easy-to-read career reports.
  • Look at related apprenticeships and training, and search actual job openings.
  • Find careers through a keyword search; by browsing industries; or through a military transition search that recommends civilian careers relevant to their military experience.
My Next Move for Veterans screen shot

Career reports feature the most important knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform the work, explained in language that's easy to understand. Outlook and education sections let users find salary info, job postings, and training opportunities. The visual design enables users to identify a career's key points, or explore a career in depth.

Vets interested in specific careers can get exploring quickly with an intuitive keyword search; over 900 career options are only a few keystrokes away. Users looking for a broader range of opportunities can browse industries, exploring over a dozen; each featuring a range of careers to choose from, including those in the green economy and with a bright outlook for job opportunities.

Career reports display related job titles from military classification systems, so veterans can compare careers using familiar terms. They can also enter their current military job code or title into the site's military transition search, and see a list of civilian careers that have similar tasks or requirements.

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Desk Aid

This convenient, two-page desk aid provides a ready and useful overview of the key search features and content available in My Next Move for Veterans.

My Next Move for Veterans Desk Aid (PDF - 541 KB)