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Occupational Listings

SOC "All Other" with detailed O*NET-SOCs 25 occupations   Save table (XLS/CSV)   Printable version

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O*NET-SOC 2010 Code  O*NET-SOC 2010 Title
51-9199.00 Production Workers, All Other
51-8099.00 Plant and System Operators, All Other
49-9099.00 Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Workers, All Other
47-4099.00 Construction and Related Workers, All Other
41-3099.00 Sales Representatives, Services, All Other
33-9099.00 Protective Service Workers, All Other
31-9099.00 Healthcare Support Workers, All Other
29-9099.00 Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Workers, All Other
29-2099.00 Health Technologists and Technicians, All Other
29-1199.00 Health Diagnosing and Treating Practitioners, All Other
29-1069.00 Physicians and Surgeons, All Other
25-3099.00 Teachers and Instructors, All Other
25-2059.00 Special Education Teachers, All Other
19-4099.00 Life, Physical, and Social Science Technicians, All Other
19-3099.00 Social Scientists and Related Workers, All Other
19-3039.00 Psychologists, All Other
19-2099.00 Physical Scientists, All Other
19-1029.00 Biological Scientists, All Other
17-3029.00 Engineering Technicians, Except Drafters, All Other
17-2199.00 Engineers, All Other
15-1199.00 Computer Occupations, All Other
13-2099.00 Financial Specialists, All Other
13-1199.00 Business Operations Specialists, All Other
11-9199.00 Managers, All Other
11-9039.00 Education Administrators, All Other

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O*NET-SOC 2010 — Occupations by type of change:
Added to the taxonomy
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O*NET-SOC 2010 — Data-level occupations:
SOC Level without detailed O*NET-SOCs
SOC Level with detailed O*NET-SOCs
Detailed O*NET-SOCs
Exceptional cases
All data-level

O*NET-SOC 2010 — Non data-level occupations:
SOC Military specific
SOC Level with detailed O*NET-SOCs
SOC "All Other" with detailed O*NET-SOCs
SOC "All Other" without detailed O*NET-SOCs
All non data-level

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