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Tools & Technology Feedback Process

29-2021.00 — Dental Hygienists

The current Tools and Technology examples for this occupation are listed below. Please add your suggested examples to the appropriate category. When you are finished, click the Send Feedback button at the bottom of this page.


Amalgam carriers
Attachments or replacement parts for dental instruments
  • Rotating caps
Dental amalgamators
  • Mechanical mixers
Dental bite blocks or wings or tabs
  • Bite wings
Dental cutting or separating discs
  • Angle formers
Dental dam supplies
  • Rubber dams
Dental examination chairs or related parts or accessories
  • Dental chairs
Dental film processors
  • Dental x ray development equipment
Dental hygiene instruments
  • Electronic calculus detectors
Dental impression trays
  • Impression trays
Dental instrument sharpening accessories
  • Instrument sharpening devices
Dental laboratory air abrasion units
  • Air abrasion equipment
Dental lasers
  • Caries detection aids
  • Neodymium-doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Nd:YAG dental lasers
Dental matrices or sets
  • Matrices/matrix retainers
Dental operatory retraction cords
  • Retraction cords
Dental probes
  • Calculus explorers
  • Caries explorers
  • Nabers furcation probes
  • Periodontal probes
Dental pulp or vitality testers
  • Pulp testers
Dental radiology film
  • Periapical films
Dental saliva ejectors or oral suction devices or supplies
  • Saliva ejectors
  • Suctioning equipment
Dental scalers or accessories
  • Autoscalars
  • Cavitron equipment
  • Dental curettes
  • Hand scalers
  • Hollow handle scalars
  • Solid handle scalars
  • Ultrasonic scalers
Dental syringes or needles or syringes with needles
  • Aspirating syringes
  • Dental needles
Dental tongs
  • Cotton pliers
Dental x ray units
  • Dental x ray machines
  • Digital dental x ray units
  • Panoramic dental x ray units
  • Portable dental x ray units
Digital cameras
  • Intraoral dental cameras
Electronic blood pressure units
Medical acoustic stethoscope or accessory
  • Mechanical stethoscopes
Medical radiation films or badges
  • Film badges
Medical radiological shielding aprons or masks or drapes
  • Lead aprons
Mercury blood pressure units
  • Manual blood pressure cuffs
Microscope slides
Notebook computers
Oxygen therapy delivery system products accessories or its supplies
  • Nitrous oxide administration equipment
  • Oxygen administration equipment
Personal computers
  • Computer scanners
Steam autoclaves or sterilizers
  • Autoclaves
Teeth cleaning devices or accessories
  • Air-driven dental polishers
  • Air/water syringes
  • Dental polishers
  • Motor-driven dental polishers
Ultrasonic cleaning equipment
  • Ultrasonic sterilization units


Accounting software
  • Dental billing software
Calendar and scheduling software
  • Scheduling software
Electronic mail software
  • Email software
Internet browser software
  • Web browser software
Inventory management software
Medical software
  • Dental charting software
  • Dental clinical records software
  • Dental digital radiology software
  • Dental imaging software
  • Dental intra-oral imaging software
  • Dental office management software
  • Henry Schein Dentrix
  • Patterson Dental Supply Patterson EagleSoft
  • Voice-activated perio charting software
Office suite software
  • Microsoft Office
Spreadsheet software
  • Microsoft Excel
Word processing software
  • Microsoft Word

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