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Tools & Technology Feedback Process

29-1022.00 — Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

The current Tools and Technology examples for this occupation are listed below. Please add your suggested examples to the appropriate category. When you are finished, click the Send Feedback button at the bottom of this page.


Automated external defibrillators AED or hard paddles
  • Automated external defibrillators AED
Bandage scissors or its supplies
  • Bandage scissors
Blood pressure cuff kits
  • Sphygmomanometers
Crown or bridge removers
  • Crown removers
  • Crown spreaders
Dental absorbent holders
  • Dental gauze packers
  • Towel clamps
Dental anesthesia sets or accessories
  • Anesthesia machines
  • Anesthetic injectors
  • Nitrous oxide delivery systems
Dental burs
  • Dental surgical burs
  • Trephine burs
Dental cord packers
  • Gingival cord packers
Dental cryosurgical units
  • Dental cryosurgery units
Dental cutting or separating discs
  • Compass microsaws
  • Dental reciprocating saws
  • Dental sagittal saws
  • Oscillating microsaws
  • Osseoscalpel microsaws
Dental dam supplies
  • Rubber dam clamp forceps
  • Rubber dam clamps
  • Rubber dam frames
  • Rubber dam punches
Dental dehydrators
  • Dental aspirators
Dental depth gauges
  • Bone calipers
  • Crown lengthening gauges
  • Endodontic gauges
Dental elevators
  • Apexo elevators
  • Cryer elevators
  • Curtis elevators
  • Gouge elevators
  • Heidbrink elevators
  • Luxating elevators
  • Periosteal elevators
  • Potts elevators
  • Root elevators
  • Seldin elevators
  • Serrated elevators
  • Stout elevators
  • Warwick-James elevators
  • Woodward elevators
Dental excavators
  • Endodontic excavators
Dental files or rasps
  • Bone files
  • Dental bone rasps
Dental forceps
  • Alveolar forceps
  • Apical forceps
  • Articulating paper forceps
  • Mead forceps
  • Pedodontic forceps
  • Root forceps
  • Tissue forceps
Dental hand pieces or accessories
  • High-speed dental handpieces
Dental lasers
  • Dental laser systems
Dental mallets
Dental material pluggers or tips or accessories
  • Endodontic pluggers
Dental mirrors or mirror handles
  • Mouth mirrors
Dental mouth props
  • Molt mouth gags
Dental nippers
  • Tissue nippers
Dental placement instruments
Dental probes
  • Endondontic explorers
  • Lacrimal probes
Dental retractors
  • Cheek retractors
  • Tongue retractors
  • V-notch retractors
Dental root tip picks
  • Left syndesmotomes
  • Right syndesmotomes
  • Straight syndesmotomes
Dental saliva ejectors or oral suction devices or supplies
  • Dental suction units
Dental scalers or accessories
  • Chisel scalers
  • File scalers
Dental scissors
  • Curved dental scissors
  • Curved iris scissors
  • Dean scissors
  • Straight dental scissors
  • Straight iris scissors
  • Wire cutting scissors
  • Wire twisting scissors
Dental spreaders
  • Dental spreading tools
Dental syringes or needles or syringes with needles
  • Dental aspiration syringes
  • Dental suture needles
  • Irrigating syringes
Dental x ray units
  • Digital dental x ray units
  • Intraoral x ray equipment
  • Panoramic dental x ray units
Desktop computers
Electrocardiography EKG units
  • Electrocardiography EKG monitors
Electrosurgical or electrocautery equipment
  • Electrosurgical units
  • Electrotomes
Floor grade forceps or hemostats
  • Curved hemostats
  • Straight hemostats
  • Safety goggles
Intravenous infusion pumps for general use
  • Volumetric infusion pumps
Intravenous tubing with catheter administration kits
  • Intravenous IV equipment
Medical computed tomography CT or CAT scanners or tubes
  • Dental computed tomography CT scanners
  • Dental cone beam computed tomography CT scanners
Medical oxygen masks or parts
  • Oral airways
Medical staff isolation or surgical masks
  • Surgical masks
Multiparameter vital sign unit or accessories
  • Multiparameter vital sign monitors
Notebook computers
  • Laptop computers
Oral retractors
  • Oral surgical retractors
Patient carbon dioxide detectors
  • Capnograph monitors
Periodontal chisels
Periodontal curettes
  • Periodontal surgical curettes
  • Sinus curettes
Periodontal hoes
  • Periodontal hoe scalers
Periodontal knives
  • Anterior periotomes
  • Curved osteostomes
  • Posterior periotomes
  • Straight osteotomes
Pulse oximeter units
  • Pulse oximeters
Safety glasses
Steam autoclaves or sterilizers
  • Pressure steam autoclaves
Surgical bone biopsy mills or related products
  • Bone crushers
  • Bone mills
Surgical elevators or levers
  • Sinus lift instruments
Surgical gloves
Surgical impactors or packers
  • Bone packers
  • Bone pluggers
  • Bone tampers
Surgical irrigation sets or accessories
  • Peristaltic water pumps
  • Surgical irrigation sets
Surgical microscopes or loops or magnifiers or accessories
  • Dental loupes
Surgical needle holders for general use
  • Needle holders
Surgical pliers
  • Dental tissue pliers
  • Microsurgical corn suture pliers
Surgical retraction hooks
  • Skin hooks
Surgical retractors for general use
  • Sinus retractors
Surgical rongeurs
  • Oral surgery ronguers
Surgical scalpels or knives or blades or trephines or accessories
  • Angled scalpels
  • Surgical scalpels
Surgical suction machines or vacuum extractors or ultrasonic surgical aspirators or regulators or accessories
  • Piezoelectric ultrasonic generators
Surgical tomes
  • Mucotomes
Suture removers
  • Suture scissors
Ultrasonic cleaning equipment
  • Ultrasonic sterilization units
  • Intraoral digital video cameras
  • Intraoral still cameras


Graphics or photo imaging software
  • Apteryx Imaging Suite
  • DentalEye
  • Gendex Dental Systems VixWin PRO
  • Kodak Dental Systems Kodak Cosmetic Imaging Module
  • Planmeca Oy Dimaxis
  • Sirona SIDEXIS XG
Medical software
  • DecisionBase TiME for OMS
  • Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions Dolphin Management
  • DSN Software Oral Surgery-Exec

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