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Tools & Technology Feedback Process

25-1072.00 — Nursing Instructors and Teachers, Postsecondary

The current Tools and Technology examples for this occupation are listed below. Please add your suggested examples to the appropriate category. When you are finished, click the Send Feedback button at the bottom of this page.


Anatomical human mannequins for medical education or training
  • Anatomical models
  • Intravenous simulation arms
  • Pelvic exam simulators
Angioplasty balloon catheter
  • Angioplasty balloon catheters
Apnea monitors or accessories
  • Apnea monitors
Arterial blood gas monitors or accessories
  • Arterial blood gas kits
Automated external defibrillators AED or hard paddles
  • Automated external defibrillators AED
Bedpans for general use
  • Patient bedpans
Blanket frames or lifters
  • Foot cradles
Blood pressure cuff kits
  • Sphygmomanometers
Blood pressure recording units
  • Noninvasive automatic blood pressure machines
Blood transfusion administration kits
  • Auto transfusion systems
Canes or cane accessories
  • Walking canes
Cardiac output CO monitoring units or accessories
  • Cardiac monitors
  • Hemodynamic monitors
Cardiac pacemaker generator or cardiac resynchronization therapy pacemaker CRT-P
  • Transvenous pacemakers
Cardio pulmonary resuscitation CPR boards
Chest tube
  • Chest tube drainage systems
Clinical trapeze bars
  • Bed trapezes
Compact disk players or recorders
  • Compact disk CD players
Computerized medication dispensing cabinet
  • Automated medicine dispensing machines
Continuous passive motion CPM devices or accessories
  • Continuous passive motion CPM machines
Crutches or crutch accessories
  • Crutches
Desktop computers
Dial calibrated intravenous flowmeters or regulators
  • Infusion control devices
Digital camcorders or video cameras
  • Digital video cameras
Digital cameras
  • Compact digital cameras
Digital video disk players or recorders
  • Digital video disk DVD players
Electrocardiography EKG transmitter or telemetry or accessories
  • Telemetry monitors
Emergency or resuscitation carts
  • Crash carts
Enteral feeding infusion pumps
  • Patient feeding pumps
  • Opaque projectors
Extremity restraints
  • Patient leg restraints
Facial shields
  • Protective face shields
Floor grade forceps or hemostats
  • Straight hemostats
Floor grade scissors
  • Medical scissors
Flow sensors or regulators or components
  • Oxygen flow meters
Geriatric chairs or accessories
  • Geriatric chairs
Glucose monitors or meters
  • Blood glucose monitors
  • Protective goggles
Handheld thermometer
  • Digital thermometers
  • Urometers
Infusion pump kits or accessories
  • Insulin pumps
Inkjet printers
  • Poster printers
Intraaortic balloon pump and accessories
  • Intra-aortic balloon pumps IABP
Intracranial pressure ICP monitoring units or accessories
  • Intracranial pressure ICP monitors
Intravenous or arterial catheter tray
  • Catheter trays
  • Irrigation trays
Intravenous or arterial fluid warmers or accessories
  • Blood warmers
Intravenous tubing with catheter administration kits
  • Intravenous tubing
  • Lancet needles
Laser fax machine
  • Laser facsimile machines
Laser printers
  • Computer laser printers
Liquid crystal display projector
  • Liquid crystal display LCD projectors
Medical acoustic stethoscope or accessory
  • Mechanical stethoscopes
Medical aspiration or irrigation syringes
  • Bulb syringes
Medical exam or non surgical procedure gloves
  • Protective medical gloves
Medical exam or procedure tables for general use
  • Medical examination tables
Medical incision drain accessories
  • Drainage tubes
Medical oxygen masks or parts
  • Oxygen masks
Medical staff isolation or cover gown
  • Chemotherapy protective wear
Medical staple or clip removers
  • Medical staple removers
Medical tape measures
Medical ultrasound or doppler or echo monitors
  • Bladder ultrasound equipment
Mercury blood pressure units
  • Manual blood pressure cuffs
Microphone stand
  • Microphone podiums
  • Handheld microphones
  • Wireless microphones
MP3 players or recorders
  • MP3 digital voice recorders
Multimedia projectors
  • Computer projectors
  • Multimedia projection equipment
Multiparameter vital sign unit or accessories
  • Transport cardiac monitors
Nasogastric tubes
Nebulizer or accessories
  • Handheld nebulizers
Non invasive bi level machines
  • Bilevel positive airway pressure BiPAP ventilators
Non invasive continuous positive air pressure machines
  • Mechanical ventilators
Notebook computers
  • Laptop computers
Ophthalmoscopes or otoscopes or scope sets
  • Otoscopes
Orthopedic traction hardware or weights
  • Traction weights
Ostomy appliances
  • Ostomy equipment
Overhead projectors
  • Overhead data projectors
Patient bed or table scales for general use
  • Patient bed scales
Patient chairs
  • Cardiac chairs
Patient controlled analgesia infusion pumps
  • Patient controlled analgesia PCA pumps
Patient floor scales
  • Medical scales
Patient lifts or accessories
  • Hoyer lifts
  • Mechanical patient lifts
Patient shifting boards or accessories
  • Patient transfer boards
Perfusion oxygen or hematocrit saturation monitors or accessories
  • Venous oxygen saturation SVO2 monitors
Pericardiocentesis needles or kits or accessories
  • Pericardiocentesis kits
Peripheral intravenous catheters for general use
  • Peripherally inserted central catheters PICC
Peritoneal dialysis administration or catheterization sets
  • Permacaths
  • Photocopying equipment
Pill crushers or splitters for the physically challenged
  • Pill crushers
Portable data input terminals
  • Interactive whiteboard controllers
  • Student response systems
Projection screens or displays
  • Projector screens
Resuscitation masks or accessories
  • Ambu bags
  • Computer data input scanners
Scientific calculator
  • Digital calculators
Shower or bath chairs or seats for the physically challenged
  • Shower chairs
Sitz baths for the physically challenged
  • Portable sitz baths
Slide projectors
  • Carousel slide projectors
Special purpose telephones
  • Multi-line telephone systems
Specimen collection container
  • Specimen collection containers
Spill kits
  • Chemotherapy spill kits
Spirometers or its accessories or its supplies
  • Incentive spirometers
Stethoscope headsets
Surgical clamps or clips or forceps or accessories
  • Occlusion clamps
Suture removal kits or trays or packs or sets
  • Suture removal kits
Tablet computers
Teleconference equipment
  • Conference telephones
  • Liquid crystal display LCD televisions
  • Television monitors
Therapeutic heating or cooling blankets or drapes
  • Therapeutic cooling blankets
Thoracentesis set or tray
  • Thoracentesis trays
Touch screen monitors
  • Interactive whiteboards
Tracheotomy surgical instrument sets
  • Tracheotomy kits
Urethral urinary catheters
  • Foley catheters
Urinalysis analyzer accessories or supplies
  • Urine strainers
Vacuum blood collection tubes or containers
  • Vacutainers
Vascular or compression apparel or support
  • Pneumatic boots
Ventricular assist devices
  • Ventricular assist devices VAD
Videoconferencing systems
  • Videoconferencing equipment
Walkers or rollators
  • Walkers
Web cameras
  • Webcams
Whirlpool tub
  • Portable whirlpools


Calendar and scheduling software
Computer based training software
  • Blackboard Learn
  • Course management system software
  • Desire2Learn
  • Learning management system LMS
  • Moodle
  • Sakai CLE
Data base user interface and query software
  • Blackboard
  • Data entry software
Electronic mail software
  • Email software
  • Microsoft Outlook
Information retrieval or search software
  • DOC Cop
  • iParadigms Turnitin
Internet browser software
  • Web browser software
Multi-media educational software
  • Interactive learning software
Office suite software
  • Microsoft Office
Optical character reader OCR or scanning software
  • Image scanning software
Presentation software
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Presentation graphics software
Spreadsheet software
  • Microsoft Excel
Web page creation and editing software
  • Adobe Systems Macromedia Shockwave Player
Word processing software
  • Collaborative editing software
  • Google Docs
  • Microsoft Word

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