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April 2016 Identification of “Hot Technologies” within the O*NET® System

This paper describes the O*NET Center’s initial identification of “Hot Technologies.” A “Hot Technology” is a technology requirement frequently included in employer job postings. The concept of hot technologies was developed in order to enable a wide variety of customers to learn what types of software skills are in demand within the current United States economy. The hot technologies are incorporated within the primary O*NET websites. Hot technologies are distinguished by a fire icon. In the near future, the hot technology information will be available within the O*NET Web Services.

June 2015 Tools and Technology Search

The Tools and Technology (T2) search in O*NET OnLine enables customers to explore careers through 60,000+ examples of machines, equipment, tools, and software used by workers on the job. Developers may use O*NET Web Services to include the search in their own applications. Because T2 examples are concrete and specific, workers can easily relate to the daily activities on the job. The specific examples are also classified within a multi-level hierarchy, which bridges together occupations with similar but not identical examples. This combination of specificity and broader connectivity makes T2 data well suited for a career exploration search.

May 2011 O*NET Center Tools and Technology Quality Control Processes

The purpose of this report is to describe the Tools and Technology (T2) quality control (QC) processes conducted by the National Center for O*NET Development (O*NET Center). The O*NET Center performs T2 QC processes to meet two primary objectives: incorporate the different sources of T2 objects (tools or technology examples) into one file with a consistent presentation and file structure; and ensure that O*NET customers receive quality, accurate, and face-valid lists of T2 for each occupation. This report provides details on the processes performed by Center staff to attain these objectives.

March 2006 O*NET Tools and Technology: A Synopsis of Data Development Procedures

Learn about the "tools and technology" (T2) now included in O*NET Online and as supplemental files in the O*NET database. T2 development focuses on collecting machines, equipment, tools, information technology, and software that are important to occupational performance. Emphasis is placed on cutting-edge technologies and emerging workplace practices. T2 data will be valuable for O*NET applications such as workforce development, employee training, and vocational and career guidance.