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March 2008 Procedures for O*NET Job Zone Assignment

The Job Zone classification provides O*NET users a guide to the vocational preparation levels (e.g., education, training, and work experience) of O*NET-SOC occupations. With each new O*NET database update, approximately 100 occupations are classified or re-classified within the vocational preparation five-level Job Zone system. This document provides a detailed description of the procedure by which incoming O*NET data and other information contribute to the assignment of occupations to Job Zones.

1999 Stratifying Occupational Units by Specific Vocational Preparation (SVP)

The O*NET Career Exploration Tools are assessment instruments that can guide users to lists of potentially suitable occupations based on their work values, interests, and abilities. To facilitate this process, occupations are stratified in terms of their preparation requirements: experience, education and job training. This report describes the process used to stratify occupations in terms of their level of required vocational preparation.