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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a method to integrate information obtained from all three O*NET Career Exploration Tools?

The score reports for the three O*NET Career Exploration Tools were designed to be compatible between instruments. Occupations for all three instruments are arranged by variable and job zone. The O*NET Project has not developed and does not plan to develop a tool that automatically will link all three assessments. However, if users put the score reports together, they can get a better idea of the kinds of careers they might find satisfying and rewarding. The Linking Client Assessment Profiles to O*NET Occupational Profiles report describes the procedures used to compare and match a client's assessment profiles obtained from one or more of the three tools to O*NET-SOC occupation profiles. This report describes the recommended algorithms developed for clients using a single tool and for clients using multiple tools. Organizations can develop data entry programs using these algorithms. These programs could be used to link client scores from multiple O*NET Career Exploration Tools to O*NET occupations.


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