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Frequently Asked Questions

As a counselor, how can I incorporate O*NET OnLine into my career counseling program?

Through O*NET OnLine, counselors have easy access to in-depth information on the 900+ occupations found within the U.S. economy. The O*NET Database provides information such as skills, abilities, interests, and work values, as well as links to labor market and wage information. O*NET Online includes a variety of search tools that provide clients with a choice of windows through which to identify occupations they might want to further explore, including: Career Clusters, Job Zones, STEM occupations, Job Families, and Tools and Technology. The Skills Search feature of O*NET OnLine generates a list of occupations that require a range of skills similar to their own. Crosswalks included within O*NET Online allow a counselor to help clients make transitions from other systems, such as the military or apprenticeship programs. The O*NET Career Exploration Tools can also provide direction for clients making a transition or exploring new career options. These tools help clients assess their occupational interests, values, and abilities and link the client to occupations that relate to their personal profile.


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