O*NET® Products at Work


CANEDCOM, a Canadian international education development company based in Toronto, is working to install a Career and Vocational Guidance System for the Ministry of Education in Oman in the Middle East. They are using the O*NET Interest Profiler as part of their project to provide career guidance services for high school students, college and vocational training center graduates, and other job seekers. After pilot tests resulted in dissatisfaction with other assessments, CANEDCOM selected the O*NET Interest Profiler because it is an “internationally accepted instrument that has been tested for reliability and validity.” The features that are most desirable for their purposes are:

  • compatibility with Holland's R-I-A-S-E-C interest structure,
  • rich and extensive research history, widely accepted and used by counselors,
  • easy to use and well received by clients,
  • interest items represent a broad variety of occupations and complexity levels,
  • extensive and thorough development effort,
  • client input during all stages,
  • construct validity and reliability evidence, and
  • self-administered and self-interpreted assessment.