O*NET® Products at Work

Strategic Workforce Assessment Project (SWAP) from The Texas Labor Market and Career Information Department (LMCI) external site

The Texas Labor Market and Career Information Department (LMCI) has infused all of its occupational information products with the O*NET database. One application is the Strategic Workforce Assessment Project (SWAP). SWAP uses the O*NET Detailed Work Activities (DWA) database as a proxy for occupational skill sets in the effort to identify the critical workforce needs of the state’s industry cluster initiative. LMCI staff performed an extensive analysis of how DWAs could be used as a foundation for an Internet application that automates a process of analyzing industry clusters, creating custom cluster staffing patterns, and building occupational skill sets. Related efforts include the assignment of DWAs to the Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) and the regionalization of the O*NET DWA statements to match Texas employer hiring requirements. The goal is for Texas economic development programs to identify key industry clusters in their regions, to know the critical occupations for those clusters, and then to identify specific work activities that regional education and training systems must provide. SWAP’s goal is to connect education and the economy through an integrated data system. O*NET data provided a solid foundation on which to base this project.