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The Maine Department of Labor external site

The Maine Department of Labor used O*NET information in their effort to attract new business to the state. Businesses provided descriptions of the jobs they need to fill and the Maine Department of Labor searched O*NET data to match occupations to the knowledges, skills, and abilities provided in the job descriptions. In addition, small businesses were helped to develop their employees through training strategies based on O*NET occupational skills information. O*NET information has also been used by the state of Maine to help dislocated workers make informed decisions about employment opportunities after a layoff. Based on a comparison of knowledges, skills, and abilities, the jobs the workers were leaving were first linked to O*NET occupations in order to identify likely opportunities requiring similar skills. O*NET information was supplemented with state-level wage information, job openings, and information about retraining possibilities so workers could choose reemployment opportunities best suited to them. Another use of O*NET data was employed for a boat builder in Maine who needed to move his operation to reach a workforce with the new skills and technological knowledge required for a changing industry. The Maine Department of Labor helped identify alternative locations by first linking the skills required for boat building to O*NET occupations. Then, Labor Market Information (LMI) occupational data showed where in the state the labor market included people working in these occupations. The company decided to relocate to one of those areas.

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