O*NET® Products at Work

The Association of College and Research Libraries external site

The Association of College and Research Libraries, a division of the American Library Association, provided the following information on the O*NET Web sites in their C&RL News. Job seekers, students, workers, employment professionals, counselors, and others interested in exploring occupations and careers will find this site a great place to start.

  • O*NET Online is a well-designed search engine for exploring the database.
  • Beyond O*NET Online, this site is chock-full of information on the Consortium, other easily accessible O*NET products, career assessment guides and tools,research and technical reports, data collection methods, planned products and ways to contribute to the process.
  • O*NET Online alone, however, is worth the stop for students searching for relevant careers at any point in their academic journey. Through it they can explore occupations, match skills, find out about salary and trends, or just see what is out there. Researchers, employment specialists, and others can dig deeper and discover a wealth of information about the world of work likely available nowhere else. (Valentine, 2004, February)