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Keys2Work, a private, nonprofit organization, offers a community-based assessment and career development system that helps students, job seekers, employers, and providers of education and training. Using work-related skills assessments and online tools powered with O*NET data, the system demonstrates the relevance of school subjects to future careers and earnings, thereby contributing to talent development in schools. Using ACT’s WorkKeys, students assess important work-related skills and match them to occupations. Keys2Work links these occupations to O*NET data, expanding students’ perspectives, allowing them to explore a wider range of occupations and obtain extensive information about them. Students can learn about common tasks and work activities; other knowledge, skill, and educational requirements; and interest profiles of workers. O*NET data provide the connection to related information on wages and employment outlook. Using O*NET data, Keys2Work shows students that what they earn in the future depends directly on the skills they acquire in school.